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Practice Areas

CIVIL Litigation

KS Lawyers, PLLC focuses on civil litigation. We have experience in a vast array of litigation including:

  • Personal injury
  • Catastrophic injury
  • Wrongful death
  • Construction defect
  • Contracts
  • Products liability
  • Municipal and Civil Rights liability
  • Professional liability and License defense
  • Commercial liability


We have successfully handled hundreds of cases providing assistance ranging from pre-suit consultation through final resolution at trial, arbitration, and mediation. We pride ourselves in providing specialized and personalized attention to each client and case no matter how small or complex.  We also serve as local counsel for law firms and in-house counsel who may not regularly practice in our state and federal courts in the Pacific Northwest.


The attorneys at KS Lawyers, PLLC, have a proven track record of success in representing clients in all aspects of claims arising from casualty, property, professional liability / malpractice, excess coverage, and umbrella insurance policies. Our services include coverage analysis and related litigation in both state and federal courts in Washington, Idaho and Oregon.


The attorneys at KS Lawyers have successfully represented clients on appeal to the Washington State Court of Appeals, Idaho Supreme Court and the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The attorneys at KS Lawyers, PLLC are licensed to practice before all Washington and Idaho appellate courts as well as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. Whether you are seeking to appeal an adverse ruling or defend your success in a lower court, KS Lawyers is here to assist you.

Below are some of the successful appellate decisions obtained by the attorneys at KS Lawyers:

  • Matter of Guardianship of Mitchell, 26 Wn. App. 2d 1039 (2023)
  • Montgomery v. Bishop, 25 Wn. App. 2d 1034 (2023)
  • Hallmark Care Servs., Inc. v. Superior Court of Washington for Spokane Cty., 809 Fed. Appx. 424 (9th Cir. 2020), cert. denied 141 S. Ct. 1063, 208 L. Ed. 2d 528 (2021)
  • Progressive Nw. Ins. Co. v. Lautenschlager, 168 Idaho 841, 488 P.3d 509 (2021)
  • Spencer v. City of Spokane, 836 Fed. Appx. 516 (9th Cir. 2020)
  • Estate of Wheat v. Fairwood Park Homeowners Ass’n., 3 Wn. App. 2d 1011 (2018)
  • Dehlin v. Forget Me Not Animal Shelter, 200 Wn. App. 1072 (2017)
  • Raun v. Caudill, 193 Wn. App. 1029, 2016 WL 1567240 (2016)
  • Smith v. Lundy, 182 Wn. App. 1004, 2014 WL 2931700 (2014), rev. denied, 181 Wn. 2d 1031, 340 P.3d 228 (2015)


KS Lawyers provides cost-effective estate planning to assist individuals and families to organize their affairs. We work with our clients one-on-one to develop a customized estate plan in drafting last will and testaments, trusts, durable power of attorneys, healthcare directives (also known as living wills), and community property agreements. Should a loved one pass away, we offer compassionate representation to guide you through the probate process. Our attorneys are experienced in handling all aspects of probate including opening the estate, estate administration, and closing the estate. Please contact us if we can help you navigate an estate planning or probate issue.


KS Lawyers provides comprehensive and cost-effective representation to local, regional, and national businesses. Are you starting your own business? Our attorneys will assist you in choosing the appropriate corporate entity and draft the necessary formation and governing documents. Our attorneys are also experienced in drafting employment and independent contractor agreements, commercial leases, commercial transaction agreements, and agreements for the purchase and sale of a small business. Should the need for litigation arise, our attorneys will aggressively represent your interests in the courtroom. We can help your business thrive from formation to navigating any legal issues that may arise thereafter.


Mediation offers an alternative to going to court. Paul Kirkpatrick works with both parties to come to an acceptable resolution to the conflict. He emphasizes confidentiality and fairness and is committed to providing the best possible forum for the parties to make informed, well-reasoned decisions regarding their disputes. Mediation is not only less expensive than going to court but avoids the uncertainty of litigation and typically results in an acceptable outcome to both parties.

Paul’s prior litigation experience allows him to successfully mediate cases in all areas of the law. Cases that are ideally suited for mediation include personal injury, municipal/government liability, land use/real estate, civil rights actions, contract disputes, products liability, premises liability, construction defects, insurance defense, professional negligence and malpractice, estate/probate disputes, landlord/tenant issues, and toxic torts.  

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