Spokane Hosts Another Successful Hoopfest

Spokane recently completed another successful Hoopfest, the largest 3-on-3 basketball festival in the world.  Kirkpatrick & Startzel has been involved, in one form or another, with Hoopfest from its inception.  Hoopfest started in 1990 with a little over 200 teams and has grown leaps and bounds since then.  Hoopfest 2018 involved over 420 courts; over 6,000 teams; and over 24,000 players.

Hoopfest takes place the last weekend of June.  On a typical Saturday during Hoopfest, there are over 250,000 people in Downtown Spokane sweating; cheering; yelling; and celebrating all that is basketball.  Hoopfest’s economic impact in Spokane is approaching $50 million for a weekend event.

Kirkpatrick & Startzel attorneys, employees and family members have participated in a variety of different ways.  Many have participated on the court playing 3-on-3.  Others have generously volunteered their time, including working with team check-in; stuffing T-shirt bags; score keeping; monitoring courts; and serving as a marshal.  Hoopfest is successful, in large part, due to over 3,000 volunteers.  Kirkpatrick & Startzel is proud to have volunteered and promoted this great and enduring civic event.

Hoopfest not only sponsors a fantastic weekend of basketball—it has expanded into other ventures.  Spokane Hoopfest Association sponsors a basketball league; Ignite Basketball Association, a community- and school-based outreach program; it has built over 30 community basketball courts; and donated over $16 million to local charities.  Kirkpatrick & Startzel is proud to be intricately involved in all that is Spokane and likewise proud to be intimately involved with Hoopfest.

By:  Todd Startzel

Kirkpatrick & Startzel Attorneys Present at Evidence CLE

Kirkpatrick & Startzel attorneys Alicia Dragoo and Timothy Nault recently presented at a live seminar on the rules of evidence hosted by the National Business Institute. Such seminars are put on to fulfill attorneys’ obligations in obtaining continuing legal education (CLE) credits. Attending the seminar were members of the bar from Washington and Idaho. Several other attorneys from the Spokane area also presented at the seminar.

Ms. Dragoo’s presentation focused on the presentation of lay and expert witness testimony in court proceedings, as well as the use of expert reports. The effective presentation of testimony from a qualified expert witness is often critical to success in court proceedings. Some claims, such as medical malpractice or product liability, may require expert testimony as a matter of course. Proving damages often involves expert witness testimony as well. Ms. Dragoo discussed critical aspects of qualifying or disqualifying expert witness testimony in state and federal court.

Mr. Nault discussed ethical considerations in the presentation and handling of evidence. Mr. Nault’s presentation included a discussion on the law of spoliation, which can occur when a party destroys or fails to preserve evidence relevant to a lawsuit. Mr. Nault discussed spoliation principles as applied to a wide variety of facts and circumstances, including personal injury actions, construction defect cases, and malpractice claims.

CLE courses are important to providing legal services to clients that are consistent with current trends in the law. Kirkpatrick & Startzel is proud to take part in these courses, and its attorneys strive to develop and maintain the highest degree of professional competence for the benefit of their clients.