Spokane Hosts Another Successful Hoopfest

Spokane recently completed another successful Hoopfest, the largest 3-on-3 basketball festival in the world.  Kirkpatrick & Startzel has been involved, in one form or another, with Hoopfest from its inception.  Hoopfest started in 1990 with a little over 200 teams and has grown leaps and bounds since then.  Hoopfest 2018 involved over 420 courts; over 6,000 teams; and over 24,000 players.

Hoopfest takes place the last weekend of June.  On a typical Saturday during Hoopfest, there are over 250,000 people in Downtown Spokane sweating; cheering; yelling; and celebrating all that is basketball.  Hoopfest’s economic impact in Spokane is approaching $50 million for a weekend event.

Kirkpatrick & Startzel attorneys, employees and family members have participated in a variety of different ways.  Many have participated on the court playing 3-on-3.  Others have generously volunteered their time, including working with team check-in; stuffing T-shirt bags; score keeping; monitoring courts; and serving as a marshal.  Hoopfest is successful, in large part, due to over 3,000 volunteers.  Kirkpatrick & Startzel is proud to have volunteered and promoted this great and enduring civic event.

Hoopfest not only sponsors a fantastic weekend of basketball—it has expanded into other ventures.  Spokane Hoopfest Association sponsors a basketball league; Ignite Basketball Association, a community- and school-based outreach program; it has built over 30 community basketball courts; and donated over $16 million to local charities.  Kirkpatrick & Startzel is proud to be intricately involved in all that is Spokane and likewise proud to be intimately involved with Hoopfest.

By:  Todd Startzel